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The Broken Piano

Taking piano lessons on a sunny, warm day is very hard. All of their friends were in the park playing and instead Rex Owl and Joey Pig were waiting for Morris Cat to finish his lesson.

 Morris went up the scale and down the scale. Up and down, up and down until Rex and Joey put their paws over their ears.

 "That's it for today," said Mrs. Armella Dog.

 Morris Cat grabbed his books and rushed out the door with his teacher rushing to the door. "Practice page five for one half-hour every night, Morris."

 Morris was probably going to the park and now it was Rex's turn. Rex Owl plunked down on the piano seat and opened his book.

 "Hold up your paws," instructed Mrs. Dog. "Now l and 2 and 3."

 Rex started and it sounded not too bad. Rex played to the bottom of the page and then stopped and turned the sheet.

 "I am very impressed," said Mrs. Dog. "You have been practicing."

 Rex smiled, but he really would rather be in the park. Piano lessons had been his grandmother's idea and she was paying for them.

 "I would like for Joey Pig and you to play a duet in the recital next month," said Mrs. Dog. "Here is the piece, so Joey, you come and go over it with Rex."

 Joey climbed on the piano seat with Rex and they looked at the piece of music. It looked very hard.

 The phone rang in the house and Mrs. Dog quickly instructed the boys, "You practice while I take this long-distance phone call."

 The boys started to play the piece, but the sun beckoned. The decided to play a rousing rendition of "Chopsticks" and banged their paws down. They certainly played with all their strength and suddenly stopped when several keys fell to the floor. Rex tried to put them back, but the keys lay loosely on the piano.

 "What will we do?" asked Rex, who could imagine Mrs. Dog being very mad at the loose keys on her piano.

 Mrs. Dog returned from her call. "I don't think you boys were practicing the piece I asked. I kept hearing 'Chopsticks' as I was talking. You did a real super job on that, so let's hear the first line on the new piece."

 The little owl and pig laid their hands on the board and played the first line. With the loose keys, the music was terrible. "Oh my," said Mrs. Dog.

 "Your keys seem to be loose," said Joey Pig.

 "Oh, I will have to have the piano doctor come and fix my piano before I can give any more lessons. You boys can go now and I'll call him," said Mrs. Dog.

 Joey Pig and Rex Owl were so happy. They would be able to go to the park and play with their friends.

  Mrs. Dog had said their piano duet of "Chopsticks" sounded really nice. Maybe it wasn't so bad taking lessons after all.

 Question about the story: What song did Rex and Joey play instead of the one they were supposed to?

 Winners: Kaitlynn, Jared and Cassidy were part of a pizza party and received a newly released book for their library at Hebbville Academy.

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR# 1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answers to the question to Names will be drawn for prizes.

posted on 06/24/08
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