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Dangerous finds danger in the swamp

 Dangerous Fox was named Dangerous because his brothers were named Deadly, Desperate and Dinky. Dangerous was the youngest of the fox family and his mother was running out of "D" names.

 Dangerous had set out early in the morning exploring. He had seen a butterfly and chased him for awhile. A rabbit took up an hour of his time and then he had eaten lunch by the old oak tree.

 He had always been warned to stay out of the swamp. "It's too full of quicksand and bogs. You could disappear in seconds, not to mention the crocodiles," his mother had said. Even his grandmother had warned, "Stay away from the swamp!"

 With all the warnings, Dangerous couldn't resist. He looked at all the hanging vines and black dark water sucking at the muddy earth. This would be an adventure that he could tell his brothers about. They had never done anything like this.

 Wanting that something different, Dangerous ventured further into the swamp and had almost decided to turn back when the place he was standing on rose in the air.

 "Watch where you are going, young man," said Crocky Crocodile.

 "Oh, please let me down. I'm afraid of heights," cried Dangerous.

 Crocky set the fox down, patting his head lightly. "What are you doing wandering in the swamp?"

 "I wanted to be able to tell my brothers that I visited the swamp and I have, so goodbye," said Dangerous, turning to leave.

 "Wait! Why not really have something to tell them? I'll give you a ride across the swamp on my back. Imagine telling them that!" said the crocodile, smiling.

 "I don't like water much. I'll get wet," said the fox.

 "On the contrary, you will be safe and dry on my back," said the crocodile. "Climb on."

 It would make a great tale to tell his brothers, even if he went for a few moments. Bravely, he crawled on the crocodile's back and watched as the animal paddled away from the bank.

 "Excuse me, my feet are getting wet and my tail is a bit damp too," said Dangerous. "I think I would like to go back now."

 "But the ride has just begun," said the crocodile.

 "Thanks, but I want to go back," said the fox, frantically.

 The crocodile turned to look at the fox and the fox didn't like the look in the crocodile's eyes. This was not a safe place.

 Maybe the worst would have happened but suddenly the crocodile, through not paying attention, swam into a whirlpool. Quickly Dangerous jumped as far as he could and swam frantically for shore. He ran from the swamp as quick as his little legs would carry him.

 As he ran, he remembered again the warnings of his mother and grandmother. He had done a very foolish thing and learned two lessons - to listen better and do what he was told by his elders.

 Question about the story: What were the two things Dangerous was afraid of?

 Winners:  John, Nathan, Spencer and Jason of Centre Consolidated School were part of a pizza party.

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answer to the question to Names will be drawn for prizes.

posted on 05/19/09
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