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Big bad Beeves

 Thumper, a small buck, loved the new cartoon book that his great-grandmother had given him for grading. He had gone through the pages a hundred times and then would start all over again.

 The only book Thumper had ever had was one he received when he was very small. The pages were all worn, the cover was lost and green grass stains covered the final page.

 Thumper's new book was a beauty. The cover was shiny with a large picture of action heroes. The pages were filled with lots of pictures and even though he'd been through it a hundred times, each time he saw something new that he had missed.

 Thumper was sitting under a tree leafing through the book and set it down to swat a fly that landed on his shoulder. In the split second that it took to do that, Beeves Rabbit had dashed in and sat on his new book.

 "Get off my new book!" said Thumper Rabbit. "My great-grandmother gave me that for grading."

 Beeves rushed to comply with Thumper's wishes and in doing so, his toes ripped the pages.

 "My beautiful book - you ruined it," moaned Thumper.

 "I didn't mean too. I'll fix it," said Beeves, frantically searching his pockets.

 His paw closed around some bubble gum that he had been chewing earlier. He pulled out the wad and stuck it on the ripped pages sticking them together.

 "See, it is all fixed," said Beeves, excitedly.

 "I don't want a wad of bubble gum in the middle of my new book," moaned Thumper. "How could I ever show my great-grandmother that mess?"

 Beeves went to open the pages and a ripping sound filled the air. Rip!

 "You are making it worse!" cried Thumper. "Please stop!"

 Now the book wasn't a pretty sight any longer. The pages were all crinkled and a bump was in the middle where the bubble gum made its imprint.

 "What will I do?" sobbed Thumper. "You're big and bad, Beeves!"

 Who should appear in the glen at that very moment but Thumper's great-grandmother. She had heard Thumper crying and came to see what was the matter.

 "Why are you crying, Thumper?" she asked.

 "My beautiful book you gave me was ruined by Beeves. I just hate him!" said Thumper sobbing into his great-grandmother's apron.

 "Thumper, you don't hate Beeves Rabbit. Books can be replaced but friendship can be broken forever. Don't put too much into material things, it is good friends that count."

 "But that was my only book!" said Thumper, still upset.

 "And I will get you another and one for Beeves too," said great-grandmother.

 "You two play while I go get my purse. I'll take you both to the store and we'll have carrot juice after. How would that be?"

 Both animals were so excited. The great-grandmother watched the two tumble in the meadow and smiled to herself. Friendship was the most important thing of all.

 Question about the story: What did Beeves use to repair the book, which made it worse?

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answer to the question to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers.

posted on 05/26/09
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