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Rover Dog prefers Kraft Dinner

 Rover Dog was getting sick of every kind of dog food. It didn't matter if it came from a bag or a can, if it was wet or dry or if you added water to it to give it it's own gravy. Dog food was getting boring and it was time for a change.

 Going to the store in Upper Musquodoboit, Rover Dog went up and down the aisles looking for the thing that would tickle his taste buds. Sardines didn't do it, beans didn't interest him either and ketchup was only great smeared on something.

 Rover Dog had about given up and decided Kibbles 'n Bits would have to be it again, when a box of Kraft Dinner caught his eye. The cheesy macaroni lying on that plate looked so good that Rover Dog drooled all over the box.

 Quickly Rover, Dog paid for the box of Kraft Dinner and rushed to see his friend, Thumper Bunny.

 "Look what I'm having for supper, Thumper Bunny," said Rover Dog, excitedly.

 "That does look good. Open the box so I can see it," said Thumper Bunny.

 The dog removed the top, but inside were dry noodles and a little packet of cheese. Both examined the box again, but the contents didn't resemble the picture on the front, in any form.

 "Inside doesn't look like the picture," remarked Thumper Bunny.

 "What's wrong with it?" asked Rover Dog, peering down on the dry noodles. "Dog food would have been better than this."

 "Wait now, there must be something we are doing wrong. Let me read all this writing on the package," said Thumper Bunny, proceeding to do that very thing.

 "Well?" asked Rover Dog, very discouraged.

 "We have to cook it. It says to put the contents in a pot of boiling water and when the noodles are tender, we drain, add cheese and a bit of milk. It says a dab of butter is good too," said Thumper Bunny. "Let's take this to Nana Bunny and see if she can make it."

 Nana Bunny got out a pot and followed the instructions. Soon, two little heads were bent over bowls of Kraft Dinner as one used a spoon, one a fork.

 It sure beat dog food and made Rover Dog a "KD" dog. Sales increased so much that a Kraft Dinner van came to Upper Musquodoboit and gave a free case of Kraft Dinner to Rover Dog, Thumper Bunny and Nana Bunny.

 Question about the story: What happened when Rover Dog opened the box of Kraft  dinner?

 Send answers to Storytime c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answer to the question to Prizes will be sent to those sending in the answer.

posted on 10/27/09
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