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Grumpy with a capital 'G'

 Grumpy Bear was not only called grumpy, but today, he was grumpy with a capital "G." The strange thing about all this, was that Grumpy Bear should not have been grumpy at all. It was winter and Grumpy Bear should have been in dreamland, but he wasn't. That was the problem!

 He couldn't get comfortable, as he tried sleeping on his left side and then his right. He tried his back and then his belly, but that didn't work either. Grumpy Bear wasn't happy and Grumpy Bear was being grumpy.

 "Maybe you aren't warm enough," suggested his sister, Sally Bear, when he woke her with his problem. "Get a blanket or something!"

 Grumpy Bear tried a blanket, but he was too warm and then too cold, when he uncovered his feet. He couldn't get it right and that made him grumpy.

 "Maybe you are hungry," suggested Aunt Alice Bear, who didn't like being disturbed. "Eat something and then you'll sleep."

 Grumpy Bear ate apples until he had a tummy ache. That condition made Grumpy Bear even more grumpy.

 The days slipped by and still Grumpy Bear didn't sleep. All the other bears in the area were snoozing away, but Grumpy Bear was as wide awake as if it were spring.

 "I can't spend the whole winter awake," grumbled Grumpy Bear.

 He tried putting a night hat on his head, thinking maybe if his head were warm, he'd sleep, but that didn't help. He tried fluffing his pillow, but that didn't do anything to help either. He tried sleeping at the bottom of the bed instead of the top and then side to side.

 When Bob Cougar passed Grumpy Bear's cave while hunting prey, he couldn't help but take a look to see if his old friend was sleeping. Slipping inside, imagine his surprise when Grumpy Bear was eating an apple.

 "Why aren't you sleeping?" asked the cougar.

 "Why indeed?" mocked the grumpy bear. "Could it be that I'm asked silly questions and bothered all the time? Get out of here and leave me alone!"

 Now Grumpy Bear wouldn't usually be that rude, so Bob Cougar knew that lack of sleep was causing Grumpy Bear's grumpiness.

 "Can't sleep?" asked Bob Cougar again.

 "Does it look like I can?" asked Grumpy Bear with sarcasm.

 "I think I know just the thing that will help you," said the cougar. "I'll be right back."

 Soon Bob Cougar returned with a hot, honey drink and told Grumpy Bear a bedtime story. He didn't even reach the end and Grumpy Bear was snoring.

 Question about the story: What happened when he ate too many apples?

 Winner: Nicole Rafuse of Parkdale was sent a prize to her home for sending in the answer.

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answer to the question to Prizes will be sent to those sending in the answer.

posted on 03/02/10
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