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The case of the funny, funny bone

 George Horse had really fixed the swing-set now. He thought it swung crooked and that a hard jump on the seat might adjust its direction, but he was wrong. Now the swing lay all bent out of shape, crooked, touching the ground, as George Horse sat rubbing his funny bone.

 George Horse had laughed at first when he hit his funny bone, but then quickly he found out that hitting your funny bone, isn't funny at all. In fact, it hurts! The laugh, which had been a short hee-hee, now was changed to a little moan, as George Horse rubbed it trying to make the hurt go away.

 "You've really fixed the swing set!" said Elmo Monkey as he surveyed the wreckage. "I thought you said you knew how to fix it, not destroy it!"

 "I jumped on the seat to give it a little shaking up to straighten the crooked tendency it had," remarked George Horse, trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

 "That would have been fine, if you weighed like I do," commented Elmo Monkey. "But, you really need to go on a diet. You jumping on that seat probably scared it to death. I wanted to swing, but you have certainly fixed that, haven't you?"

 "What will I do?" asked George Horse finally getting up, but still rubbing his elbow. "The principal will be furious!"

 "Well, I'm no carpenter, but let me see what I can do about this mess," said Elmo Monkey, scratching his head.

 Whenever you saw Elmo Monkey, you always saw the little, toy tool-set strapped around his waist. At first Elmo Monkey took out a toy hammer and banged on the metal here and banged on the metal there. Tap! Tap!

 "I'm telling you George Horse, you have to go on a diet. You should be running around the racetrack and doing exercises during recess. You are a danger to every piece of play equipment in this yard. Cut down on those treats you always bring and eat oat cakes instead. Even your seat in class gives a sigh of relief each time you get up."

 George Horse looked down at his shape and saw more lumps and bumps than it should have. Maybe, Elmo Monkey was right and he decided to get in shape one way or the other.

 Elmo Monkey continued to work and finally screwed the last bolt into the metal. The swing-set looked as good as new. "Now stay off it, until you've lost a few pounds," warned Elmo Monkey, then patted his friend's back for encouragement.

 Winner: Landen Jollymore of Western Shore received a prize through the mail for sending in the answer.

 Question about the story: What was George Horse's laugh like when he fell and hit his funny bone?

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS B0J 2K0 or e-mail the answer to the question to Prizes will be sent to those sending in the answer.

posted on 06/01/10
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