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Something is causing Foxy Fox to alter his behaviour

Composed from an idea from Leah Schrader, R.R.# 6 Bridgewater.

 Foxy Fox was being a particular pain today. He kept nipping on Shelly Horse's ankles and it hurt. He dashed in, gave the little bite before Shelly could swish around and bunt him with her head.

 "Will you stop that!" begged Shelly. "That hurts!"

 Instead of saying sorry and quit doing the deed, Foxy continued. He even ran through Shelly's drinking water with his dirty feet. "Yuck! How can I drink that with you washing your feet in it?"

 Foxy wasn't always a pain. In fact, usually he was real nice. He told great jokes and was friendly, but today he was impossible. In fact, the last week had been a real change in behaviour.

 "What is your problem lately?" asked Shelly. There had to be something that was changing his behaviour so much.

 "Nothing is wrong," said Foxy as he splashed water from Shelly's trough all over Shelly's tail.

 Finally Foxy went home for dinner. Shelly hoped he wouldn't be back for the afternoon. That mission impossible was just too much to bare for the afternoon hours. In Shelly's mind however, something had to be wrong with Foxy and she was determined to find out.

 Finding Foxy's Mother on the edge of the woods caused Shelly to heave a sigh of relief. If anyone knew why Foxy was acting strangely, it would be his mother.

 "Mrs. Fox, I wonder if I could have a few moments of your time to discuss Foxy," said Shelly.

 "Of course, the little darling is home sleeping at the moment. He must have worn himself out this morning when he visited you. He said he was visiting you when he left home, did he?" asked Mrs. Fox.

 "Yes he did, but have you noticed anything different about Foxy lately?" asked Shelly hoping the mother would help her out with this, as mothers can be very defensive about their children.

 "How do you mean dear?" asked the mother looking Shelly eye to eye.

 "Well, he seems to be . . . very active . . . very energetic, so to speak," said Shelly.

 "You know now that you mention that, I have noticed that he hasn't been quite himself this week," said the mother. "I thought maybe he was coming down with the flu or something. Do you think it is something else?"

 "Is there anything different that Foxy is doing or any change to his routine?" asked Shelly.

 "Let me see," said the mother and she looked deep in thought. "The only thing I can think of is that he is taking some tonic that his grandmother brought. Grandmother always thinks we need tonic in the spring to clear up all the winter ailments. This is the first year I have given it to Foxy."

 "Maybe he is allergic to something in it?" suggested Shelly.

 "I would never forgive myself if I was giving him something that was upsetting him," said Foxy's mother.

 "I think you should have it checked out. I want you to know that I only have Foxy's well-being in mind,'" said Shelly.

 "I appreciate your concern," said the mother.

 Foxy wasn't around the pasture the next day or the next. Shelly was starting to worry and was relieved to see Mrs. Fox and Foxy on the third day. "How are you Foxy?" asked Shelly.

 "Foxy is going to be fine. He has come to apologize for being a "mission impossible" the last few days, but he really couldn't help it. He was allergic to the strawberry that his grandmother put in the tonic," said Foxy's mother.

 Foxy said he was sorry for nipping Shelly's heels and said he would be back the next day to play. Shelly was glad that she alerted Foxy's Mom so that "mission impossible" could be cured.

 Question about the story: What was wrong with Foxy?

 Winners: Shane Demone, R.R.# 1 Barss Corner, and Samantha Baker, Big Tancook Island.

 Send answer to: Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, R.R.# 1 Moser River, NS, BOJ 2KO, or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  April 17, 2002  
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