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St. Mary's Anglican Church to hold food drive
St. Mary's Anglican Church to hold food drive

Angie Zinck

 GOLD RIVER - St. Mary's Anglican Church in Gold River is getting ready for Christmas and Earl Boutilier couldn't be more excited.

 Mr. Boutilier has been a member of the church since he was four, or as he puts it, "I've spent my whole life at St. Mary's."

 Christmas is a special time not only in scripture for this little church, but in decoration and in spirit as well.

 Church members, such as Mr. Boutilier, work very hard to make sure that the church looks festive. The decorating is just getting into full swing.

 Mr. Boutilier says that he will put white lights on anything he can. There will be a tree set up and decorated as well as a large home-made wreath. The altar will be lit as well as decorated with poinsettias.

 A member of the congregation always donates the use of her nativity scene which Mr. Boutilier says is "just beautiful."

 The church is always well spirited, says Mr. Boutilier, but the Christmas spirit doesn't end with decorating.

 This year the church will be holding a food drive December 15. The church will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. and visitors are welcome to come in, enjoy the decorations and help themselves to a cup of hot apple cider.


Earl Boutilier, a member of St. Mary's Anglican Church in Gold River, is preparing to get the church decorated for Christmas. He is shown here testing the illuminants that will be placed outside the church for the Christmas Eve service. The large wreath, which was hand decorated by church members, will soon hang in the back of the church. Angie Zinck photo

 The church will be collecting non-perishable food items that day to donate to the Chester Food Bank.

 Mr. Boutilier says the church just wants to share what they can, and offer help where it's needed.

 "This is a way to reach out into the community. We feel it's very important as we are an important part of the community," he says of the church.

 Mr. Boutilier says that he is a part of a warm, loving congregation that always welcomes with open arms.

 Another event happening at the church is the illuminant project called "Health, Hope and Happiness."

 For a donation of $5, people will be able to light an illuminant in honour of health, hope and happiness for the upcoming year. They will then be set up outside the church to light the pathway at the Christmas Eve service.

 The illuminants will glow by candlelight and Mr. Boutilier says the light should remind us of the purpose of the season.

 "The flame on the candle represents Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world."

 Mr. Boutilier would like to acknowledge Esther DeMont who has secured over 50 orders of the illuminants.

 Anyone looking for more information about St. Mary's Anglican Church may call 275-5434.

  December 11, 2002  
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