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Young Readers

How do you like what I gave you for Christmas?

 Snowy Snow Leopard was almost finished with wrapping her presents for Christmas. Snowy loved all the shiny papers, little bows and especially loved the surprise on everyone's face when they received her creations.

 The present for Icicle Polar Bear was always the hardest. One would think that wrapping a case of cola would be simple enough seeing that it's square and no lumpy bumpies. The thing was, Snowy didn't want it to look like a case of cola. This year, she decided, things would be different.

 Finally, Snowy came to Icicle's present and draped nine boughs around it tied with gold ribbons. To each branch she attached berries, pine cones and little glass stars. In the centre, she placed a large red candle and made her way to Icicle's cave.

 "Are you home, Icicle?" inquired the snow leopard.

 Icicle bounded to the door of the cave as he had been waiting with anticipation for his case of cola.

 Photographers had even taken pictures of him as he guzzled the icy liquid. Snowy always remembered his favourite present, so you can imagine his surprise when he saw pine boughs and a big red candle.

 "What do you think of it?" asked the snow leopard.

 "Very very creative," said Icicle finally. "Here is a little something for you." Icicle passed over a wrapped parcel of Snowy's favourite beef jerky.

 "Oh, thank you. Merry Christmas," said Snowy and she left, as she had more parcels to deliver.

 Icicle placed the wrapped parcel on his table. "It must be a center-piece for my table," he said aloud. Lighting the candle, he had to admit, it was very pretty sitting there.

 All through the Christmas season, Icicle lit his candle, but secretly wished for his usual gift. It wasn't until New Year's Eve that Icicle saw Snowy again.

 "Thanks for my favourite beef jerky," gushed Snowy. "How did you like what I gave you? I bet you never even lit the candle?"

 "Of course, I did. I used it for a center-piece, like you intended," said Icicle.

 "That wasn't a center-piece. It was just wrapped to look like one. Your case of cola is so hard to disguise," said Snowy.

 "A case of cola?" asked Icicle hurrying out the door. He didn't even wait to celebrate New Year's with his friends.

 Even though it was a bit shaken up, and a wee bit flat where a couple boughs pierced a can, it was the best cola he ever tasted.

 Question about the story: What present did Icicle give Snowy?

 Winners: Candice from Hebbville Elementary and Amy of Bayview Community School received their prizes through their school.

 Send answers to: Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS, BOJ 2K0, or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  December 31, 2003  
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