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Take this and call me in the morning

 What seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, being so far from his home, Theo Mouse was busy eating a discarded doughnut from a camp-site. The frosting had been eaten away by ants, but as the lightning flashed and thunder boomed, one couldn't be choosy as what to eat when one was hungry.

 Theo was just about to sink his teeth into the doughnut, when Latisha Chinchilla darted out from the bush and grabbed it. Latisha downed the doughnut so fast, that one moment it was there, the next, it was gone.

 "Hey! Who do you think you are?" asked Theo to Latisha, who was now wiping her mouth with the back of her paw.

 "I'm starving!" moaned Latisha. "I have been sick for a week and had nothing to eat. I couldn't resist ooohhhh!" Suddenly, Latisha doubled over in pain to the surprise of the mouse. Then into a heap, Latisha fell to the ground at the mouse's feet.

 Theo tugged and pulled the unconscious chinchilla through the woods. His little arms ached from the strain, but finally, the hospital came into view. When Sammy Weasel, the doorman, saw the mouse dragging the chinchilla across the lawn, he whistled for interns to come with a stretcher. On the count of three, the monkey interns lifted Latisha and whisked her into the hospital.

 "What seems to be the matter?" asked Polly Poodle, the nurse.

 "She ate an old doughnut and keeled over unconscious," said Theo with great concern. "She said she has been sick all week."

 The doctor, Charlie Gorilla, checked all the vital signs and placed a pump into Latisha's mouth to pump her stomach. Pushing the wrong button on the machine, Latisha was filled with air and started rising off the table. Up, up and up she went and let out a large burp on reaching the ceiling. Just like a balloon deflating of air, the chinchilla flew around the room until she flopped unconscious on to the floor. Quickly the doctor and nurse rushed to her side. Again, the doctor checked her.

 "Your friend has a broken leg!" said Charlie Gorilla. "I'll put a cast on it."

 "She didn't have a broken leg when she arrived," argued Theo.

 "Well, she does now!" snapped the nurse, Polly Poodle.

 Latisha awoke to find a heavy cast on her leg and rubbed her eyes. "Why do I have a cast on my leg?" asked the bewildered patient. "I don't have a broken leg."

 "You do now!" said the doctor and nurse together.

 The doctor handed Latisha a packet of pills. "Take this and call me in the morning. My bill will be at the desk when you leave."

 Latisha and Theo couldn't wait to get out of the hospital that you went in with a stomach problem and left with a broken leg.

 Question about the story: What did the doctor do to make Latisha float?

 Winners: Austin Grear, RR#1 Mill Village, received his prize through the mail and Benjamin McKenna received his prize through his school.

 Send answers to: Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  July 14, 2004  
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