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Rebekah Lodge wins awards

 Another meeting of Atlantic Rebekah Lodge #52 IOOF was held October 4.

 The meeting started with the usual ritualistic work and the flag was presented with the singing of "O Canada."

 Chaplain sister Myrtle read the Bible from the 17th Chapter of St. Luke. The president's hymn, "Let There Be Peace," was sung.

 Noble grand, sister Doris, welcomed our special guest, sister Betty Dodge, president of Rebekah Assembly of the Atlantic provinces, and she was given the honours. Sister Doris also warmly welcomed three sisters from Emerald Lodge as well as our own members. The charter was undraped for our departed sisters, Rhoda Crowe, Evelyn Crouse and Marguerite Himmelman.

 Sick and visiting: sister Kaye Teal was visited by sisters Gladys Veinot, Reta Bolivar and Joyce Ritcey. Sister Joan Smith has returned home from the hospital. Sister Ellen Pettipas is home from hospital after heart surgery. Both are doing well.

 Communications were read and received, and bills paid. Recess was declared and a program was put on for the enjoyment of president, sister Betty. Atlantic did a very nice pageant. Emerald Lodge read a very thought-provoking poem entitled "The Receipt of an Odd Fellows' Dues." Both lodges presented president, sister Betty, with gifts.

 Atlantic Rebekah Lodge was the recipient of three awards from the Atlantic Assembly. They were presented by president, sister Betty. They are the Living Legacy Award, the Community Service Award and the Navigation Award for Higher Education. Shirley Laws put together a beautiful poster on president, sister Betty's program for the coming year and it was put on the wall.

 Our next meeting, October 18, will be installation of officers. Members are asked to bring in wrapped bundles of baked goods averaging $2 each as a fundraiser.

 The meeting finished with the closing rituals. A very nice meal was enjoyed at a local eatery and all departed for home.

Boscawen Chapter supports school in Labrador

 Lunenburg Boscawen Chapter of IODE, the oldest continuing chapter of IODE in Nova Scotia, met on October 4 at Harbour View Haven.

 President Judy Rockwell presided, welcoming 20 members and thanking Joyce Smith who had organized for the meeting to be at HVH, and also giving a special welcome to Barbara Wood. Co-hosts Edna Ross and Marie Fox were thanked for providing the sandwiches, and HVH was thanked for the meeting room, and for the tea and coffee.

 A memorial donation will be made to the National IODE Memorial Fund in memory of member Edna Corkum. The donation will be earmarked for the education fund.

 President Rockwell announced that she and vice-president Barbara Gerhardt took cards and flowers to two members who are ill.

 A reminder was given of the date for the Christmas coffee that will be held at the Central United Church on November 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tickets were distributed to the members for sale. If you want to be certain to get to the Christmas coffee, contact an IODE member. Proceeds will go to educational projects in Lunenburg.

 Jean DeMone, education officer, reported the first parcel for this year has been sent to the adopted class in Nain, Labrador and contains school supplies including crayons, paper, notebooks and pencils. A Christmas parcel is now being prepared.

 Services officer, Sharon Gerhardt, read a report by provincial services officer, Barbara Hine, about the number of knitted goods collected by the Provincial IODE from the chapters for distribution to those in need.

 Jean Johnston reported that Marathon Bridge has started with 10 couples participating.

 After the meeting, members enjoyed shopping at the pantry table for many delicious baked goods and preserves.

 The next meeting, on November 1, will be held at the home of Barbara Hine with Jean DeMone and Susan MacMillan serving as co-hostesses.

Your Friends and Neighbours

North River
Marjorie Robar

 On September 30, Marjorie Robar and Joe Tzagarakis travelled to Aylesford to visit with Marjorie's Aunt Ethel and Uncle Victor Power. Both were in good health and spirits this day, and as usual, made them stay and have supper. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary October 6. They want to say hello to all their family and friends here in North River and the surrounding New Germany area.

 On September 29, Carolyn and Lester Daniels, North River, and sister Peggy Eisnor, Wentzells Lake, travelled together to visit their mother, Ruby Eisnor, in Berwick. Ruby is a guest there in the Grand View Manor and is doing real well, they tell us.

 Sorry to report that Reggie Daniels, North River, took a bad turn in the woods last week and was rushed to the hospital. He is home now and being given tender loving care by his family and wife, Mildred. No doubt he is being home taught by Millie on how to play bingo.

 Also, sorry to report that Cecil Daniels, North River, took a bad fall and badly bruised one of his arms. We're not sure which arm, but it must have been his bingo-playing arm as he has not been to bingo for the past week. Hurry up and get better, Cecil, because we all miss you.

 Also, sorry to report that Bernice, North River, wife of Roger Daniels, was rushed to hospital last week. She is home now recovering comfortably, we pray.

 Marie Wile, New Germany, spent the last week of September visiting family and friends in Truro.

 Her son, Gerry Wile, is now back in Iraq after a short leave in Arizona. Gerry is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces there. His sister, Rhonda, is serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and is presently stationed in Ontario. They're following in the family tradition of serving their country. May God bless both of them and theirs.

 On October 2, Marjorie Robar made a special delivery trip to Port Royal to visit her great-grandson Jonathan Baker. The reason was due to Jonathan's birthday October 4 and, therefore, not enough time to deliver the birthday card and gift by mail. Marjorie also visited granddaughter Shelly Baker and Rev. Mark Baker, and Jessica and Jaylynn Baker, her great-granddaughters. It was a pleasure to see them all.

 Visiting Yvonne Hamm, North River, is Shelly Woodruff from Ontario. We hope that she is enjoying our Nova Scotia hospitality.

Mrs. L. Wamboldt

 The stork arrived early at the Corkums' in Edmonton, Alberta. Born to Ben and Tashia (Woodworth), a son, Logan Alexander, September 19. First-time grandparents are Kay and Everette Woodworth, Laconia, and Gordon Corkum and the late Mary Corkum and Uncle Derrick, Middlewood.

 Belated birthday greetings to Chantell Wamboldt and Amanda Dolliver, who share the same birthdays, September 23. Also belated greetings to Brittany Whynot, Danesville, and Wade Hatt, Danesville.

 Arnie and Sandra Johnson, Coldbrook, were recent weekend guests with Julia and Maynard Johnson.

 Susan and Dave Hamm visited Gary and Donna Weagle, Hantsport, also Sandra and Arnie Johnson, Coldbrook, September 23.

 Sympathy to family and friends in the death of the late Lawrence Heim, Liverpool and Chelsea; Avis Shupe, Dartmouth; Pennell Richardson, Bridgewater.

 Shirley Maynard, Bridgewater, spent two nights recently visiting with Marion Llewellyn and family.

 On September 26, family and friends attended a bridal shower for Sherry (Rafuse) at her home - an enjoyable afternoon with games and chit-chatting. Sherry received a nice sum of money as gifts, for which she thanked everyone. This was followed by a delicious lunch of salads, meats and chilli, also a lovely decorated cake and other sweets.

 A November 20 wedding is planned for Sherry and Walter Wamboldt.

 Happy belated anniversary greetings to Harold and Marie Rafuse, Camperdown, October 3.

Marion Zinck

 Saturday visitors at the home of Marion and Terry Zinck were Elinor Murphy as a dinner guest, Kay Gates, Joy and Harold Spidel, Middle River.

 Jean Gray, Halifax, was a weekend guest at the same home.

 Sunday dinner guests at the same home were Alan and Linda Murphy and two grandchildren, Ashley and Matthew, Truro; Mary Demings, Yarmouth; and Jean Gray.

 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Young, Hebbs Cross, visited Mamie Young during the week.

 Mrs. Avery Boutilier was a visitor on Tuesday.

 Mamie accompanied Dorothy Levy to Hubbards Wednesday.

 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black, Middleton, visited Mamie Thursday.

 Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Eisnor, Halifax, were visitors at the same home Thursday.

 Mrs. Keith Clark visited Mamie Friday.

 Mrs. Marion Zinck visited Mamie Saturday, also Dorothy Levy.

 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hebb, Halifax, visited the same home Saturday, also Mrs. Ira Gates.

 Mrs. Betty Henneberry and Mrs. Mary Boulay, Peter Young, Halifax, visited Mamie Saturday afternoon.

 Mr. and Mrs. Graham Thompson visited Mamie Sunday.

 Belated birthday wishes to Connie Thompson, October 2.

 Birthday wishes to Edith Brown, October 15, and Willard Brown, October 21.

  October 13, 2004  
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