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Customers, don't take pets out of their cages

 The shopping mall was in turmoil as animals rushed everywhere to get out of the way. "Get out of the way!" they shouted. "They will trample us!"

 "What's wrong?" asked Cody coming into the store and seeing all the confusion. His friend Brad shrugged his shoulders, as he didn't have a clue as to what was happening.

 "Run for your life!" shrieked a tiger, dropping things from her shopping bags as she rushed out the door. She didn't even seem to notice or care about the bags getting lighter with her flight. She wanted out the door and out of the mall.

 Cody and Brad watched animals pulling their young toward exits in their mass exit and asked many who passed by what was wrong, but received no answer.

 The mall was getting empty in a short amount of time except for Charlie Lion, who owned the pet shop. He was pacing back and forth, wringing his paws in desperation.

 "What's happening here?" asked Brad.

 Charlie turned around and looked at the two young lion cubs. "I can't find them anywhere," he shouted.

 "Who is lost?" asked Cody. "We'll help you find them."

 "One woman said to run for our lives," said Brad. "Is it an elephant loose in the mall?"

 "It's not an elephant," said Charlie Lion. "It's Marlene Chameleon and Robert Ferret."

 "We thought it was a big boa, or an elephant herd by the way animals were fleeing out of here," said Cody.

 "I had 'pet the pets day' and Marlene Chameleon got out of her cage first and then let Robert out," said Charlie looking into the closed stores.

 Suddenly there was a loud crash.

 "I bet that is them," said Charlie rushing toward the noise.

 In the department store a huge pile of skateboards that had been lined against the wall was now all over the floor turned upside down. Little wheels spun around and around as the salesperson tried to get up. She was underneath the mess and one wheel hung from her ear.

 "Let me help you, madame," offered Charlie.

 "That was pets from your store," moaned the salesperson.

 "I am ever so sorry," consoled Charlie, helping her to her feet.

 They could hear things falling from the shelves as the escaped pets raced across them. Down came teddy bears and dolls filling the aisle with clutter.

 The store manager was frantically trying to make an announcement over the PA system. "Grab them - they are in toys. No, they are in jewellery. No, I think they are in housewares. Just get them!"

 Suddenly Marlene appeared around the end of an aisle with a sweater draped over her shoulder and earrings hanging from her ears.

 "Grab her," shouted Charlie Lion as he jumped to grab Robert Ferret. Robert was wearing a bowl upside down on his head.

 Brad and Cody grabbed Marlene and caught the end of her sweater. Robert was firmly being held under Charlie's arm.

 With Marlene Chameleon and Robert Ferret safely in capture, they were placed in their cages and locks put on the doors. The store manager put up a big sign: "Customers Not Allowed To Take These Animals Out Of Their Cages!"

 Brad and Cody were happy to help Charlie Lion and he gave them a pet gold fish each to take home.

 Question about the story: Where was the salesperson who sold skateboards?

 Send answers to: Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO, or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  August 16, 2006  
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