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Everyone needs a friend

 Candy Coyote just wanted a friend. Everyone wants a friend and Candy wished on a star every evening for one. She even wrote in her diary about wanting a friend and told her mother often.

 "What about Mallory Coyote in the glen?" asked her mother.

 "She is nice, but she plays with Susie and I get left out," explained Candy. "I want someone that is only my friend."

 That night when Candy went to bed, she wrote in her little blue diary, "I hope tomorrow I find a friend. I want someone that tells jokes and laughs at mine. I want someone that enjoys dancing to music and sings all the latest hits. I want someone to play hopscotch, tag and hide-and-go-seek with. I don't care whether my friend is a boy or a girl, I just want a friend."

 Even when she said her goodnight prayers, she prayed for a friend and went to sleep hoping that her prayer would be answered.

 The next morning, Mother Coyote had an important mission for Candy. "Seeing it is such a nice day, I have some books here for your grandmother. I wonder if you could take them to her."

 "You mean all by myself?" asked Candy, suddenly feeling very grown up to have such a mission.

 "That's right," said her mother. She passed her a bag with a couple books and some cookies for grandmother, and Candy started on her way.

 The woods were quiet and beautiful that early morning. All the flowers stuck their heads up and showed their faces proudly to the sun. Trees stood at attention and mother birds were busy feeding their young. The little birds' heads showed above the nests with their mouths open, accepting the worms their mother fed them.

 Candy was so busy watching the birds that she didn't see Jessie Bear coming down the path. They ran into each other, as Jessie was watching the same thing as Candy.

 "Oh, I'm sorry," said Candy.

 "No, no, it was my fault," said Jessie. "I should have been looking where I was going."

 Candy liked Jessie instantly. They talked underneath the maple tree and Jessie asked if she might accompany Candy to her grandmother's house.

 "I mean, I hope you don't mind," stammered Jessie. "I wasn't doing anything and if you didn't mind, I just thought, maybe."

 "Sure, I'd love it," said Candy.

 The two little animals told jokes and danced to a tune that Jessie sang. Jessie knew all the words to the latest songs and had the greatest stories to tell. Candy was overjoyed. This was her friend at last.

 Soon they reached Candy's grandmother's house. Candy went to introduce her new friend, but her grandmother grabbed her and pulled her into the house.

 "You go away, bad bear," said Grandmother.

 "Jessie isn't bad, Gran," begged Jessie. "She is my friend."

 "You don't need to be friends with a bear," said Grandmother. "Bears aren't good friends."

 "Jessie walked with me while coming over here and she is great. I want to be friends with her," pleaded Candy.

 Jessie turned away and started back into the forest, but Candy ran after her. "Grandmother doesn't understand," she explained. "I want you for my friend."

 Jessie walked along with Candy. She was scared to go to Candy's home, but Candy persuaded her that her mother was different. Candy's mother's opinion was different. "That's great," she said. "You have a new friend."

 Mother understood that Candy and Jessie needed each other and even though some would think their relationship was different, the two enjoyed each other's company and everyone needs a friend.

 Question about the story: What kind of tree did the pair stand under when they first met?

 Winners: Mrs. Buffett and Peyton of Hebbville Academy were part of a pizza party and received a newly released book for their library.

 Send answers to: Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO, or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  February 28, 2007  
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