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Photographers take field trip

 Camera enthusiasts of the Bridgewater Photographic Society have been busy over the past month.

 Competitions, guest presentations and field trips all provided opportunities for learning and enjoying the world of photography.

 Both the print and projected image competitions had a high volume of entrants.

 Photographers scoring 12 or more points out of 15 are presented with honour awards. The three categories judged in October were nature, portrait and environmental portrait.

 For prints, Geoff Fougere, Margot Isbister and Jeff Merrill were awarded honours in the nature category; Marilyn Archibald in the portrait category; John Croft and Derek Johnston in both nature and portrait; and Debbie Croft and Marie Penny in all three categories.

 In the projected-image competition, recipients of honour awards in the nature category were Debbie Croft, Geoff Fougere, Derek Johnston and Jeff Merrill; in the portrait category was Cathy Inglis; Marie Penny had honours in nature and portrait; and Marilyn Archibald received honours in both nature and environmental portrait.

 October also gave photo club members a chance to participate in presentations by two prominent photographers.

 Bob Deluca, a life member and past president of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia, presented "Photography for Beginners."

 He went over the fundamental structure of any camera, whether film or digital, explaining how light works with the camera's aperture, speed and distance settings to produce optimal images.

 Fred Greene, past president and honorary member of the guild, current judging and program chairman, and 14-time winner of that organization's photographer of the year, helped members to understand how judging and evaluation of images may be handled at the club level.

 All those present participated in judging exercises, considering traditional guidelines for technical quality and composition, as well as discussing impact and creativity in photographs.

 So far the club has organized two field trips; the first to the docks and coastline of Dublin Shore, and the second to explore woodlands at Wentzells Lake.

 The planned anniversary exhibit at the DesBrisay Museum had to be cancelled due to renovations at that facility, but it is hoped that it can be rescheduled at a later date.

 The Bridgewater Photographic Society invites new members to join us at our temporary location in Dayspring at the MARC.

Climate change in the Arctic

  One of the key indicators of global warming is the reduction of ice cover in the Arctic. We have all seen numerous pictures of polar bears climbing out of the water onto ice floes with a voice-over raising alarm about their ability to survive when they cannot get out on solid ice to hunt. Recently, we saw pictures of a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker making its way through the Northwest Passage virtually unhindered by ice that, a couple of centuries ago, trapped Arctic explorers and their fragile ships, sometimes for years.

 The Arctic is a vast area of islands and waterways, most of which were eternally frozen until a few years ago. What is really happening there? How has global warming affected the birds, the fish and the mammals that make this frozen wilderness their home? What is happening to the people?

 David Scott has travelled widely while studying the changes taking place in the Arctic and has a collection of wonderful pictures taken there. He will show them to illustrate his talk on how this important part of Canada is faring. He is the director and Killam professor at the Centre Environmental and Marine Geology at Dalhousie University. He will be presenting his talk to the South Shore Naturalists in the Bridgewater High School library on November 14 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and hear him. There is no charge.

Members raise funds for school

  Members of the Lunenburg/Queens District Masonic order were happy to present a cheque for $6,263.32 to Leslie Jones, vice-principal, and Jennie Uhlman, student council president, of North Queens school.

 After the fire in 2006 destroyed the school, Ernest Carver of Hillcrest Lodge in New Germany suggested the lodge make a donation to the school and issue a challenge to the other eight lodges of the district to do the same.

 The challenge was met with enthusiasm by the district lodges and through shared funding from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, the sum of $6,263.32 was raised.

Auxiliary plans 60th anniversary

  Twenty-eight members were present at the October 25 meeting of the Fishermen's Memorial Hospital (FMH) auxiliary.

 Beverley Cluett, Barbara Risser, Jo Eisenhauer, Heather Eisenhauer, Sharon Gerhardt and Susan MacMillan will meet to discuss plans for the 60th anniversary of the auxiliary.

 A pre-Christmas sale of the FMH gift shop will take place on November 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The winners of the hooked mat donated by Sherry Zwicker and the smocked ornaments donated by Phyllis Schmeisser will be drawn on December 14.

 Handmade donations by Jean Crouse, Charlotte Dewling, Rosabelle Mosher and Harriet Stoodley were welcomed by Heather to be sold at the gift shop. Shirley Powers reported on the very successful fundraiser for FMH - the golf tournament on October 6.

 Reports were presented on the NSAHA 44th annual convention by Barbara Gerhardt, Susan MacMillan and Sharon Gerhardt, and also on the western region meeting in Kingston attended by Ann Plant, Barbara Gerhardt and Susan MacMillan.

 The western region spring meeting will be hosted by Queens General and Roseway, May 2008. Greenwood and Soldiers Memorial will host the western region fall meeting in October 2008. In June 2008, the CAHA convention will be in Regina, Saskatchewan.

 The NSAHA convention will be at Liscombe Lodge, Sherbrooke, October 2 to 4. The next meeting will be at the FMH assembly room, 9:30 a.m., November 29. Special refreshments will be served and new members are encouraged to attend.

Waterloo reunion held

  On a beautiful summer day in late August, many people gathered at the Waterloo hall.

 These were former students and teachers who attended the Waterloo school. Some were accompanied by their spouses, and all enjoyed the afternoon.

 Many pictures were on display of former years.

 A great many "remember whens" were heard over and over.

 The youngest student was Ardyth Veinot of Waterloo, and the oldest student was Wallace Garber of Baker Settlement, who is 93.

 Bountiful refreshments were on hand, and the highlight was the anniversary cake.

 People said as they were leaving that it was nice to renew friendships again, and that they should do it again, sometime soon.

Your Friends and Neighbours

East Dalhousie
Janice Wilson

 Results of the card party held on October 26 with seven tables in play were, men's high, Gary Henderson; second, Foster Hiltz; ladies' high, Anne Nelson; second, Eleanor Trombley; traveller, Wayne Connor; door prize, Grover Fancy; and half-take, Izilda Robar.

 Many homes in the community were decorated nicely for the Halloween season and the community club held a best-decorated house contest. Robert and Tory Sullivan kindly donated $50 to the winning house. Judges determined the winner to be Rhena Joudrey. Everyone's participation was appreciated. Another contest will be held at Christmastime.

 Sympathy to family and friends of the late Larry Verge, Mack Lake, who died suddenly on Saturday.

 Eric and Marion Wilson accompanied their daughter, Jocelyn Mailman, on a drive to Kentville on Sunday. They enjoyed seeing the many pumpkin figures.

 Mona Lantz, New Germany, visited with Janice Wilson on Tuesday afternoon.

 Rhena Joudrey spent Wednesday afternoon with her Aunt Frances, Forties.

Mrs. L. Wamboldt

 Sympathy to the families and friends in the death of Herman Whynot, Danesville, and Brandon Joudrey, Maplewood.

 Belated birthday greetings to Arnie Whynot, Danesville, October 29.

 Sarah's Ladies Aid held their meeting October 23 at the home of Chastity Grear, Charleston. An orange sale was enjoyed by all. Meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer. A very spooky atmosphere and lunch was enjoyed. The next meeting will be at Julia Johnson's on November 13 at 11 a.m.

 Doreen Shand, Whites Lake, visited her mom, Thelma Wamboldt, October 24. They also visited Douglas, who is a patient at South Shore Regional Hospital.

 Birthday greetings to Janice Whynot, November 17.

 Thinking-of-you greetings to Beverly Wagner and get-well wishes to Merle Frank. Hope you are both feeling better.

  November 6, 2007  
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