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Stray cats hope to find a home

Twin kittens, Lily and Lucy, huddled under a box as the rain poured, bouncing off the ground and spraying their wet bodies. They shivered and held onto each other to try to generate any body heat they could. They were so cold and so hungry.

 Lily and Lucy had no home. They had been abandoned by a man in a car who had tossed them out to the side of the road and sped away. Even though the home they had so shortly hadn't been a pleasant one, at least it had been warm and out of the weather.

 As they huddled under the box, they wished they could have a bowl of nice warm milk. It would feel so good in their tummies that growled and grumbled. They couldn't remember when they had a good meal or even if they ever had. They now ate out of garbage cans for whatever scraps they could get.

 Soon the rain stopped and the sun poked between the dark clouds. "Come out into the sun," advised Lucy. "You will get a bit warm from that through those cold bones."

 Lily eased out from under the box and stood in the sun. "Oh, that feels better already," she sighed, stretching her back.

 On nice days, the two cats would take walks. Other cats didn't want to play with them as their white coats were now matted and dirty. They had each other and that was better than being alone. All they both ever wanted was a home where they were wanted. "I would stretch out on a rug before the fireplace and I wouldn't move," said Lily.

 "Every time I had food put in my bowl, I would lick the hand of my owner to thank them," said Lucy.

 Dreams were all they had and they did plenty of dreaming when the dark shadows fell and noises scared them at night. No one could take their dreams. That was one thing that they owned and both enjoyed. "My home would have a big yard that I could go out in and walk around the picket fence. I would hold my tail up real high when the neighbourhood cat came by and invite him to tea," said Lily.

 "I would have toys to play with and catnip would be in every one," said Lucy.

 One day they visited the park and remained close to the bushes. A little boy and girl were playing with a Frisbee and the Frisbee landed close to the bushes.

 "I'll get it," said the little girl, and she came over in the kittens' direction. They pulled back, but she had seen them.

 "Oh, look at the little kittens," said the girl, and her brother came to see what she was pointing to.

 The little girl and boy scratched the kittens' ears and patted their heads.

 "Do you think they have a home?" asked the little boy.

 "I don't think so, because look how matted their fur is," said the little girl. "They need baths and brushing."

 "Do you think Mother would let us keep both of them?" asked the little boy. "They are twins."

 "Let's take them home to see," said the little girl, already picking up Lucy.

 The little boy took Lily and they started home. The little kittens loved the attention and hoped that they would be able to stay.

 "Mother, can we keep these two kittens?" asked the children when they arrived home.

 "My, my, aren't they cute? They do need a bath though," said Mother. "I think twins should have twin kittens, don't you?"

 "Yes," answered the little boy and little girl, who were just like Lucy and Lily. They were twins too.

 From that day on, the twin cats lived with the twins and stretched on the rug just as they had dreamed. They had their ears scratched and lots of catnip toys to play with. Their dreams had finally come true.

 Question about the story: What did the kittens have that no one could take away?

 Winner: Brandon R. and Joshua of Hebbville Academy were part of a pizza party and received a newly released book for their library.

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO, or e-mail the answer to Prizes will be sent to those sending in answers. State age.

  November 27, 2007  
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