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Where is the Picton Castle Today?
The Picton Castle
In the early 1990s, Captain Daniel Moreland was searching the world for a vehicle by which he could literally make his dream come true - a vessel which could be refitted into a classic square-rigged sailing ship. Tucked in a fjord in Norway, he came upon a 298-ton former Swansea fishing trawler that, after being converted to a minesweeper by the British during the Second World War, had been employed as a North Sea trading vessel for a number of years. He and a group of investors purchased the ship and brought it to Lunenburg, where she underwent a $2 million metamorphosis that transformed her into the first square-rigged barque to put to sea and actually carry cargo in many years. Sailing out of the famous South Shore port, Picton Castle embarked on her first around the world voyage in 1997, and has since completed two other circumnavigations of the globe, in 2001/2002 and again in 2003/2004. During each trip, ship and crew stop in exotic locations such as Bali, Indonesia; Pitcairn Island; Cape Town, South Africa and many others, where they purchase unique items produced by local craftsmen that are sold during a dockside sale on the ship’s return to her home port. Although Picton Castle is renowned for those treasures which she brings back from such tropical locales, her mandate involves much more than trade. Accompanying Captain Moreland and his full-time crew of 10 professional sailors are a group of 37 often raw, but always exuberant trainees who pay for the privilege of learning the ins and outs of sailing aboard a tall ship. The vessel and crew also act as an important educational tool in another way, delivering school supplies and books to less fortunate children in developing countries through an international assistance program known as WorldWise. This past May Picton Castle once again left Nova Scotia on her fourth around the world voyage, a 12-and-one-half month odyssey that will not see her return home until June of 2006.
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