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Llama demonstration at the Ex

 At the Waterloo 4-H Club meeting on June 27, Achievement Day was discussed. This event was held July 2 at McInnis Quarter Horses in Chelsea and members there that day presented projects and demonstrations in light horse, dairy, dog obedience, cake decorating, vet science and rabbit.

 4-H members from Kyle, Saskatchewan will arrive here on July 12, and members from Lunenburg County will leave for that province on August 2.

 Members, remember barn decorating, July 22 in preparation for exhibition.

 The opening day of the exhibition, July 26, the 4-H program will begin with their light horse and rabbit project classes.

 July 27, the remaining projects will be presented. Members, be sure to drop by the 4-H canteen for one of those delicious ice-creams, and check out the exhibits on display, the cow patty bingo and the ticket sales on a mini barn. A treat in store for the young and old this year is a llama demonstration on 4-H Day (July 27) which includes a trail course, costume class and showmanship class that morning. Don't miss it! Have a great summer everyone!

School bursaries presented during high school graduation

 June 7, Boscawen chapter of IODE met at the home of Barbara Hine for the annual potluck luncheon. It was a delicious meal, with a perfect mix of food. Thanks to the many excellent cooks.

 President Judy Rockwell presided, welcoming 18 members and guest of honour Pauline Spence, IODE area vice-president. Barbara and Buzz Hine were thanked for their hospitality. The meeting began with a moment of silence for Barbara Mimms, a provincial executive committee member. There was another moment of silence for the veterans who "gave their all" on D-Day, 60 years ago. The National IODE had made a donation to the Juno Beach Memorial Building.

 Esther Ingold presented a transportation report that she had prepared, to ensure that all members wishing to attend the meetings had access to a ride by car pooling.

 Jean Jackson had a good response to her call for members wanting to play marathon bridge. New players are also welcome; you do not need to be a member to play the eight sessions. Please call Jean if you are interested. Jean DeMone, education officer, attended the June 24 high school graduation to present bursaries. Books that were donated to Boscawen chapter's "adopted" class in Nain, Labrador were mailed. A thank-you note was received for one of the book certificates that were recently given to the school. It was from sixth grader Matthew Baker, whose grandmother, a long-time IODE member, was at the meeting.

 Pauline Spence, IODE area vice-president, then spoke. She reported that, at the next provincial executive committee meeting, there will be a presentation of a cheque to Dr. Crocker at the IWK to aid in his research into kidney disease. Also, a donation has been sent to Tallahassee School to help with recovery from Hurricane Juan damages. The annual meeting will be in Dartmouth, date to be announced, but there will not be a semi-annual provincial meeting this year. Instead there will be area conferences.

 Pauline Spence then went on to describe the Roots of Empathy program that has been developed for schools and has received some financial support from provincial IODE. The program mission is to help create a caring, civil and peaceful society by developing empathy with children. Roots of Empathy is designed to reduce bullying, violence and aggression with a program involving visits to classrooms by a trained instructor with specialized books and toys. Starting in Toronto in 1996, there are now 450 programs nationally, including seven that began this year in Nova Scotia.

 After the summer recess, the next meeting, September 13, will be held at the home of Barbara Mosher with Edythe Oxner, and either Gloria Crouse or Esther Ingold serving as co-hostess.

Grace Chapter meets

 Grace Chapter No. 8 OES held its June meeting at 7:30 opening in short form with WM, sister Stella Myra and MP, brother Don Doucet seated in the east.

 The WM welcomed everyone in attendance and expressed her pleasure in seeing all stations filled. Betty Ann Laughana, the grand secretary, was conducted by conductress sister Diane Levy to the west, introduced and escorted to be seated in the east.

 There were two grand representatives present, sister Carolyn Matthews for Florida and sister Stella Myra for Georgia. Grand Chapter committee members present were two of our own, sister Joan Mills, crafts and treasures, and sister Diane Levy for publicity. Presiding WM and WP present were sister Vicki Perry and brother Laurie Myra from Shoreham Chapter.

 The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report was also given at this time and business was dealt with in the usual manner. The annual reports were given and approved. The WM and WP then gave their short farewell speeches. The closing ode was sung and the chapter was closed in regular form. All officers left the room to return immediately to the chapter room and took their stations. The chapter was then opened informally and the WM, Stella Myra, handed the gavel over to sister Betty Ann Laughana, who would preside over the installation as installing officer. She then introduced her installing team.

 Assisting her in the east were sister Judy Cook, installing marshal brother Roy Zinck, and chaplain sister Vicki Perry, and installing organist Natalie Corkum. All officers then left the chapter room in preparation for the installation ceremony.

 The ceremony began with the installing marshal escorting all the officers around the chapter room and to the arranged seating. He then introduced all the elected and appointed officers. Officers installed were worthy matron, sister Diane Levy; worthy patron, brother John Cody, who received their obligations and their badges of office, and were escorted to their stations in the east and received grand honours; associate patron, brother Edward Fralick; sister Carolyn Matthews; AM cond., sister Stella Myra; A cond., sister Sheila Levy; secretary, sister Geraldine Delk; treasurer, brother Paul Keddy; trustee, brother Donald Doucet; marshal, sister Rose Marie Keddy; organist, sister Annie Mae Backman; chaplain, brother Donald Doucet; Ada, sister Joan Elliott; Ruth, sister Josephine Fralick; Esther, sister Barbara Mosher; Martha, sister Joan Mills; Electa, sister Jean Hardy; warder, sister Sandra Doucet; and sentinel, brother Laurie Myra.

 After being installed, all officers were escorted to their stations. The installing marshal, brother Ray Zinck, then declared all officers of Grace Chapter No. 8 duly installed for the year 2004/05.

 Sister Diane Levy WM and brother John Cody, WP, then thanked everyone and declared to do their best. The WM, Diane Levy, was then presented with an addendum star-shaped basket and reading by the five-star points.

 Sister Stella Myra and brother Don Doucet were escorted to the east to receive their jewels. Brother Don Doucet also presented the travelling jewel to brother John Cody.

 The Bible was then prepared for signing by sister Stella Myra and brother Donald Doucet. WM, sister Diane Levy, thanked the installing officers. Sister Betty Ann Laughana said it was a pleasure to have installed the officers. Sister Judy Cook, 41-year member, thanked everyone for the pleasure of installing the star points.

 Sister Diane Levy, WM, then gave a Father's Day reading, officers' club August 22 and 29. There being no further business, the chapter was then closed in short form and everyone was invited to the clubroom for a lovely luncheon, which was enjoyed by all.

Pie fest planned for October

 Teazer Chapter IODE held their last meeting of the season at the home of Jane Selig, Lakeview Circle, Conquerall Mills, with a good number of members in attendance, and president Barbara Hine presiding.

 Reports were given by each convener, and fundraising efforts presented, with thorough and detailed information.

 Jane Selig, convener of the pie fest fundraiser, reported much progress made and a committee was appointed to assist. This sale is planned for October, with plans and times to be announced closer to the event. Members were delighted with the very numerous and generous donations made by local public-spirited businesses, through Jane's efforts on Teazer's behalf.

 Another very encouraging announcement came from the education convener Brenda Franklin. She reported that a large company and anonymous donor had donated two computers each, four in all, to schools supported by the chapter - two were sent to Peenamin MacKenzie School in Labrador, and two to Gold River/Western Shore School. The total value of these gifts was about $1,000 including the cost of delivery.

 This was a far-sighted educational gift for which the two schools will find much use. Much thanks is due to the donor.

 A gift from IODE provincial organization was given to help in the rebuilding of Tallahassee School in Dartmouth, which had been severely damaged by Hurricane Juan in September. Another educational project was carried out on June 25 when the president and communications convener presented certificates to all the Grade 9 graduates of Bayview school in Mahone Bay. These parchments commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Mahone Bay. They have a small representation of the drawing of the government land grant, which provided land for the first legally recorded school, signed in 1861 by Premier Joseph Howe. In the opposite corner of the certificate is the signature of the present mayor of Mahone Bay, Joseph Feeney. A happy coincidence to have "two Josephs'" signatures, and the mayor has also placed the town's embossed seal above his name.

 The chapter hopes these presentations will be keepsakes and reminders of the first school, located opposite the Anglican church where the church parking lot is now to be found.

 Members remembered Barbara Mimms, founding member, whose death was reported. The president will send a card on behalf of the group.

 Carolyn Saulnier, services convener, reported that she had provided three "going-home baskets" to residents of Harbour House. These are given to women leaving abusive situations to start life in different, safer accommodation. Support for battered women and children has been an ongoing project of the chapter, and is a much-needed and appreciated assistance.

 A new member, Sheila Hamilton Schnare, was introduced and welcomed by membership convener Sheila Findlay.

 Plans were finalized for the August 21 lawn sale. This annual fundraiser has taken place at the entrance to Mahone Bay each fall on the lawn of the property of Doris Dunham. This year, articles are to be priced before delivery on the morning of the sale, at 7:30 a.m. If this is difficult, priced articles, stored at 78 Pleasant Street, should be picked up by their donors and taken to the sale at the time above. Having pricing done will be time saving and much more efficient.

 Before adjournment, members were reminded of the September potluck meeting to be held at the home of the president, September 9, 12:30 p.m.

 A delicious sampling of pies, such as will be offered for sale, in individual pieces, was served. Members were impressed with the variety and flavours, and agreed that the October pie fest fundraiser should be another great success and look forward to getting together again in September.

Your Friends and Neighbours

Donna M. Smith

 The monthly meeting of the museum society took place at the community museum on June 21, chairman Lloyd Wentzel presiding.

 Cheryl Kaiser, Margaret Wentzell, Suzanne Issacs, and Bruce and Heather Veinotte have recently become members of the society. Four hundred and thirty-five more visitors have been recorded at the museum over this time last year.

 The expansion report was given by co-ordinator Denise Penney. She reported the Sport and Recreation grant for kitchenette equipment has been approved and the Department of Transportation permit has been received. She has been working hard on other permits and grant applications and on the web site.

 Photos from the dinner theatre are on the web site and copies may be ordered through the museum. She will be selling raffle tickets at the South Shore Mall and Bridgewater Exhibition this summer and working on the community birthday calendar as well. She is also organizing our participation in the LaHave River Valley Festival on August 21 with a tearoom and storytelling planned.

 The museum society will be hosting the cribbage tournament August 5 at 7 p.m. Board member Alice Rafuse and Denise will be co-ordinating this event.

 Treasurer Wendy Looke gave the financial report on the spring celebration which took place May 22 to 23. In spite of poor weather, the weekend was financially successful. The date for next year's celebration will be May 14 to 15.

 The Heritage Blueberry Festival, coming September 11, is already in the planning stages. Donna Smith proposed a fall plant and seed sale to be included. Friends and members are asked to pot up perennials after they finish blooming for donation to the sale. Seeds from garden plants, wild flowers and vegetables will also be welcome. There will be interesting new vendors and musicians added to the festival this year.

 On June 23, Roland and Bea Schuler, their boys Eliote and Maxime and Daniel Looke returned home from a three-week holiday in Switzerland. They visited friends and (Schuler) family in Zurich, Lucerne, Neuchatel and Geneva. Daniel got to meet again his friend Felix Rohner (Roland's nephew) and to attend Felix' confirmation. One highlight of the trip was a visit to the miniature train amusement park at Le Bouveret where the river Rhone enters Lake Geneva. Although the return flight was somewhat delayed and eventful, all returned home safe and sound.

 The Firefly Readers met at the home of Cate (and Peter) Drage in Wentzells Lake on June 24. The immediate news is that members are once more "book grandparents." Member Amy Weston and her husband, David Lindsey, and their previous "book baby" Eric had welcomed Stuart Graeme Lindsey to their family. "Little Stuart" (7 lbs 11 oz) was born shortly after Amy's arrival at the SSRH on June 23 and all were reported doing well.

 Guests at the meeting were Australian visitors Joan and Howard Cassidy from Emu Park, Queensland, who were visiting Barb and Peter Robson in Fox Point, Hubbards.

 Although a little late for the excitement of baby Stuart's birth, Jo Weston, Amy's mother, arrived from Ottawa on June 26 to help out Amy and David for a while and to see her fifth grandson get a good start in life.

 Congratulations to local students who graduated from New Germany Rural High School this year. Good work and good luck to 2004 grads Ben Carver (formerly of Elmwood), Giselle D'Arcy, Alana Looke and Nicholas Ramey.

 Barbara Veinot, curator of the community museum, attended a workshop on retail operations in museums at the DesBrisay Museum in Bridgewater on June 26. She picked up many good ideas which she will put to use as the museum expansion will include a new gift shop.

 Megan and Alana Looke took part in the Nova Scotia Tattoo at the Metro Centre once more this year as members of the Atlantica Gymnastics team. Wendy, Andy and Daniel Looke and Jacob Conrad attended the performance on June 28. Frances Wentzell and Glenys Foster joined a bus trip and saw the fantastic show on July 4.

 Fireworks of a different kind were seen in Maplewood on July 1. An explosion and fire at the home of Lennie and Hope Ernst occurred while the family were in New Germany for the Canada Day celebrations. Although the New Germany fire department responded, the home was destroyed.

 Dwayne and Terry Foster from their hilltop in Parkdale report hearing a noise and, on looking toward Maplewood, seeing the house engulfed by flames. Lennie, Hope and daughters Natasha and Shawna are presently at the Comfort Inn, Bridgewater.

 Sharron and Larry Carpenter of Eagle Rock Drive, Butler Lake, enjoyed a lovely 10-day visit by Larry's daughter, Tracy Strong, her husband, Eric, and children Matthew, Angela, Ashley and Tiernan from Petawawa, Ontario. They enjoyed their "tent city" and had their first ocean beach experience.

 Larry and Teena Meisner and their children Justin, Dexter and triplets Hudson, Brooklyn and Connor, now 17 months old, of Rowlett, Texas, were here visiting friends and family from June 24 to July 6. On July 1, Dexter, Brooklyn, Connor and Hudson and Ryland Mayo took part in the Canada Day parade as The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. Also in the parade was Megan Looke as a member of the Flying Kippers Gymnastics Demonstration team.

 Eliza Schurman took part in the Paint Sea on Sight weekend in Lunenburg on July 3 and 4. She painted at Blue Rocks and on the waterfront and her paintings sold at the auction held each afternoon to the benefit of the Lunenburg Art Gallery.

North River
Marjorie Robar

 Congratulations to Shawn Blair Veinot, who graduated from Park View Education Centre, June 24, where he won a Royal Military College full scholarship valued at $80,000. On July 27, he will be attending Boot Camp in St. Jean's, Quebec, for the summer, from where he will proceed to Kingston, Ontario, in September to enter into the Royal Military College for the next four years.

 On June 24, Jennifer MacIntyre, New Minas, graduated from Horton High School, Greenwich. Jennifer won a full renewable four-year scholarship awarded by St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick. She also won a $1,000 bursary renewable also for four years. She plans on a career in journalism.

 The students' safe grad party was held at the Acadia University's swimming pool-gym complex, Wolfville, which was enjoyed by teachers, parents, chaperones and especially the students. After the graduation, huge fireworks (paid for by the students) were set off on the school grounds. Love and good luck from all your proud family and friends.

 Sorry to report that Kerstyn Demone, North River, five-year-old daughter of Sally and Jamie Demone, had a serious bicycle accident recently that required 17 stitches. We hope and pray that Kerstyn will heal quickly and that she is up and about real soon.

 Congratulations to Janet Carver, Martins River, formerly of New Germany, and daughter of Ruth and Judge Hiram Carver, and Sandra Matchett, also of New Germany. Both of these local ladies were honoured May 31 for their many years of service to the Girl Guides of Canada. Congratulations to both of you and the well-deserved recognition of your service.

 Some birthdays in July are Pearl Russell, New Germany, July 3; Judy Varner, July 12, and Joey Mader, July 28, both from New Germany; and Diane Churchill, July 23, Simpsons Corner; and, of course, Canada's birthday, July 1 which is always hugely celebrated in New Germany with parades, fireworks, dancing, entertainment, etc.

 Congratulations and thanks to all who help make it possible. And, of course, congratulations to all the 2004 graduates; may all your futures be a productive success.

Martins River
Mildred Rafuse

 Students from Martins River received the following awards at Bayview school, Mahone Bay:

 Jenny Boehner, Grade 3, Mahone Bay Lions Club Citizenship Award.

 Mohammad Taha, Grade 8, Medal for Achievement, Principal's List, silver standings, with an overall final average over 85 per cent with no final marks below 80 per cent.

 Congratulations to all the students who graduated or graded. Have a nice summer!

 Congratulations to the following St. Martin's Parish bursary recipients: April Rafuse, Ashley Barron, Ashley Sawler, Nicole Graves.

 Garfield and Hazel Hardiman, Spryfield, visited his sister Alice and her husband Charlie McGinnis, Sunday.

 Get-well wishes to Wallace Langille, who is home recovering from surgery.

  July 7, 2004  
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