The use and distribution of medical cannabis were allowed in Canada since 2001. Some provinces and most medical patients have grown cannabis and used them for treating ailments. The government of Nova Scotia is investigating and conducting surveys to know the peoples’ thoughts about the consumption of cannabis.

Before its legality, the province should make a responsible decision and have laws in place to support responsible usage and lessen crimes. Additionally, the national legislation has set rules such as age limit and allowable amount per purchase. Apart from these federal laws, provinces can add more restrictions to encourage safe usage.

Moreover, below is the survey information that requires feedback from Nova Scotians:

  • The legal age of consumption and purchase is 19.
  • The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is a legal seller of cannabis.
  • Situations to use recreational cannabis
  • Driving under drug influence.

The government prioritizes the responsible use of cannabis. For these reasons, they have identified factors to promote safety, such as the right age to use, correct product information, the right amount, and occasion to use, etc.

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