According to the provincial Health Department, a man who travelled from the United States to Nova Scotia tested positive for COVID-19. The man who was going to Prince Edward Island through Nova Scotia tested positive on Sunday.

As per the initial report, it was determined that the man was from the United States. However, it was later established that he’s a foreign national studying in Prince Edward Island and not from the U.S.

Three positive cases of COVID-19 that were reported on Prince Edward Island were linked to the man. A resident of P.E.I., who had been in contact with the man, tested positive for COVID-19. Besides, two men who are in their 20’s and had been in close contact with the man from the U.S also tested positive.

Officials are currently gathering information and conducting close contact tracing. Furthermore, the officials are working together with the federal government to monitor the cases.

The man is currently in a 14-day quarantine period under the supervision of Nova Scotia’s federal authority.  As per current data, there are 1,064 active cases of COVID-19 reported.

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