• Documentation of Nova Scotia’s Budget
    Documentation of Nova Scotia’s Budget

    The government of Nova Scotia has documented growth of 2 percent in harmonized sales tax. It has also presented the budget highlight of Nova Scotia as follows:

    • 2010-2011 total expenses are at $9.0 billion with a deficit of $222 million.
    • There will be a rise of two percent up to 15 percent in harmonized sales tax, yielding to $215 million income this year. Additionally, the province will remove a portion of Harmonised sales tax on children’s apparel as per new point-of-sale discounts.
    • Households with annual earnings of less than $30,000 are eligible to receive rebates to balance the tax increase. The estimated amount is $240 for each household.
    •  The 18 thousand seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement are no longer required to settle the provincial income tax. Savings of approximately 12.5 million dollars is expected for this plan.
    • Since personal and corporate income taxes are the highest taxes in Canada, there will be no increase this year.
    • For the next four years, the New Democratic Party will remove a thousand jobs in public services due to attrition.


  • COVID-19 Update: 64 New Cases and 1 Death in Nova Scotia
    COVID-19 Update: 64 New Cases and 1 Death in Nova Scotia

    As per the recent report, there are 64 new cases of COVID-19 and one death in Nova Scotia on May 19, 2020. The new case of death was a senior resident in the central zone while the 64 new cases have been reported in different areas.

    Of the total 64 cases, the central zone reported the highest number with 46 residents testing positive. 10 cases were reported in the eastern region while the northern zone and the western zone reported 7 and 1 cases respectively.

    Moreover, the number of recoveries has reached 116. The report also shows that 74 COVID-19 patients are admitted to the hospital; 20 in the ICU and 54 who are not in the ICU.

    The surge of COVID-19 in areas like the central zone still persists while cases in northern and western areas are under authorities’ watch. The officials have also identified cases with strict monitoring and continuous COVID-19 testing.

    Vaccine Milestone movement

    Remarkable progress is observed in COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the province, with approximately 500,000 doses administered. Public health officials are always proactive in containing the virus and the people are willing to get vaccinated as early as possible.