Using solar energy to generate electricity for your business or home can help to lower gas emissions that can harm the environment. By utilizing a photovoltaic system, you are promoting the use of green energy instead of brown energy. Brown energy, which comes from fossil fuels like oil and coal emits greenhouse gasses.

Solar Panels

PV panels turn the sun’s rays into electricity. Though they are most effective during sunny days, they can still produce electricity even on gloomy days.

Each panel creates a set amount of electrical energy every hour when exposed to the sun. Having more of these panels means having more electricity. Inverters are important elements in your power system, transforming direct current to alternating current to supply power to your house appliances.

Smart inverters can monitor, control, and perform data communication. It can show you the amount of power you are using online. Moreover, it can notify you if a part is not working and support the grid to modulate voltage.

For more information, you can ask a contractor about inverters during installation to get more insight into how they work.

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