The IRP or Integrated Resource Plan is a large-scale consultative system where we collaborate with our regulator, the energy sector, stakeholders, and partners to make long-term plans for the future of green energy in Nova Scotia. Together, we share the same goals which include the following:

  • Provide electric services safely throughout the area of Nova Scotia
  • Address reliability requirements to ensure adequate supply
  • Offer low-cost options to provide Nova Scotians with an affordable electricity rate.
  • Lessen greenhouse emissions and encourage decarbonization in the whole country
  • Establish a realistic plan that adapts to potential changes

At the center of it all, the IRP defines our adherence to promoting economic-wide decarbonization. As a result, we can provide a reliable, clean, and affordable energy system to customers at present and in the future.

The SDGA or Sustainable Development Goals Act informs our work. It also establishes our goals to adapt to an economy that is free from carbon emissions. What’s more, the IRP addresses how to achieve our goals by permitting electrification to other sectors, such as heating and transportation.

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