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Water: cool, clear water is needed

 Scott Crab and Slowpoke Turtle were in a lot of trouble. They were miles from anywhere, without a drop of water to drink.

 "My throat is so dry," croaked Slowpoke Turtle.

 "Mine too," said Scott Crab. "Have you searched everywhere inside your shell? Are you sure you haven't a water bottle somewhere in there?"

 "I already looked," said Slowpoke. "I haven't any left."

 The sun beat down with no relenting. Sweat rolled off the pair and waves of heat danced in front of their eyes.

 "I wish I could find somewhere to get this sun off me," said Slowpoke. "My shell is so hot that inside my house, steam is rising from the water in the goldfish bowl."

 "You have a goldfish?" asked Scott.

 "That's my pet," said Slowpoke.

 "Wait a minute," gasped Scott. "Back up and repeat what you just said."

 "That's my pet," said Slowpoke.

 "Before that," said Scott excitedly.

 "My shell is so hot, that inside my house, steam is rising from the water in the goldfish bowl," repeated Slowpoke.

 "We have been wanting water for hours now and you have a goldfish in water inside your shell," said Scott shaking his head. "Bring it out here. We need some to drink."

 "You can't drink Spot's water," said Slowpoke with astonishment. "That's his home."

 "We are stranded in the middle of a desert, you have water, so bring it out," said Scott tapping his foot.

 "And what do you want me to tell Spot?" asked Slowpoke.

 "I really don't care," said Scott. "My throat feels like sandpaper."

 Slowpoke poked his head back into his shell. His poor goldfish was feeling the heat too. He was wiping his brow with his fin.

 "I'm sorry your water is getting so warm," said Slowpoke, pitifully.

 "Get out of the sun, please," said the fish.

 "You see, there is a problem," started Slowpoke. "We are in the middle of a desert and there is no protection and no no water."

 "I hope you aren't thinking what I hope you aren't thinking," said the fish. "This is my home!"

 "That's what I told my friend, but he needs water badly," said Slowpoke. "I'm thirsty, too!"

 The look the fish gave the turtle was one of sheer disbelief. "You wouldn't!"

 "Look, I'll put you in a cup with some water," suggested Slowpoke picking up an empty mug.

 "How very kind," said the fish with sarcasm. "I certainly will be able to swim in a cup. You are mean and I don't like you anymore."

 The turtle was very hurt. His pet thought he was mean and didn't even like him.

 Slowpoke pulled his head out to explain to his friend that he couldn't ask his pet to give up his home. Scott Crab was nowhere to be seen.

 "Scott, where are you?" shouted Slowpoke.

 "Quick, come here," said Scott. "I've found water."

 Slowpoke rushed toward Scott's voice and found him under a rock scratching up the ground in the shade. The shade got darker and darker and then moisture appeared.

 "Water!" Slowpoke shouted and then went into his shell to tell the good news to the fish.

 Never had water tasted so good. Never was a fish so happy.

 Question about the story: What did Slowpoke have inside his shell for a pet?

 Send answers to Storytime, c/o Verna Dunlop, RR#1 Moser River, NS BOJ 2KO, or e-mail the answer to Everyone sending in answers will receive a prize.

  May 16, 2007  
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