The Solar industry has grown since the first commercial solar panel was built in 1881. It was an inefficient power source, but after years of refinement, solar panels are excellent renewable energy sources. Solar power has many benefits and can be used in industries to produce pure cbd hemp flower and to replace or lessen fossil use.

Industries like space, agriculture, and real estate heavily embrace solar panels. It can satisfy the massive amounts of energy needed and lessen coal dependency. It is also great for PR; the public highly regards industries that use solar and other renewable energy sources.

Agriculture and Solar Energy

The Agriculture industry beats out the aviation industry’s carbon footprints. Its total land use and greenhouse gas emissions impact the climate negatively. Its resource demand is also high and costs a lot of money to maintain.

Fortunately, farmers have started taking advantage of solar tech and utilizing it to ease the demands. Examples of available tech are solar pumps to irrigate crops and solar dryers. A solar heater could also maintain a constant temperature in homes, greenhouses, and barns.

Solar Energy in CBD Farming

Since its legalization, cannabis farming has practically exploded into a multimillion-dollar industry. Thanks to the plant’s versatility, various sectors, from medicine to clothing, have a demand for cannabis. But like the most cash crop, Cannabis farming has been shown to harm the land’s integrity. It has a high water usage and a significant impact on global climate change.

Resulting of these challenges and the possibility of vertical farming, many cultivators move their farms indoors. Here, they control the plants’ temperature, lighting, and moisture levels. The product’s quality depends on maintaining these circumstances at a set level. An issue, however, is that Indoor cannabis farming uses up to 18x more energy than outdoor agriculture. It’s also predicted to emit more than 16.5 million tons of CO2 yearly.

This is where solar energy comes in; with a solar-powered grow room, the cost of production and the negative environmental impact would be dramatically reduced. This is an investment that would curtail the demand for fossil fuels. Excess energy produced by the installed solar panels can be sold off to the utility station. This grants companies incentives and tax credits.

Another benefit that Solar Energy provides is that power outage stops. In an indoor operation, a few seconds of outage can ruin an entire crop yield. With Solar, there’s little to no concern about that.

More reason to convert to solar is to reduce the stress on the national grid. As early as 2012, 3% of California’s electricity was used to raise weeds. A Portland-based power company named Cannabis farms was the cause of 7 blackouts.

This has caused policy updates from state governments and utility companies. In California, There is a 45% tax on properties that use more than 600% of the average. The amount of energy needed to cultivate weed far surpasses that.

In summary, a rooftop solar installation will help with the following:

  • Reducing production cost
  • Stopping power outages
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved Public image.

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