There are thousands of people who do not have access to primary health care in Nova Scotia. It is for this reason that the government is launching virtual care known as VirtualCareNS. This is a virtual health care service that is provided for free, and it aims to get people connected to a doctor through Family Practice Registry.

Zach Churchill, the Health Minister, said that virtual care is piloting the communities with the highest number of unattached patients, such as New Glasgow, Turo, Middleton, and Yarmouth. After a while, health care will gradually expand to other areas.

Furthermore, he also elaborated on the development of the program. As expressed by Churchill, virtual care in Nova Scotia started in the 1990s until the pandemic increased the demand for the use of new technology to reach people. It will also help people during lockdowns to have non-physical consultations with a doctor.

According to Churchill, this kind of consultation and care will grow. He also expressed that the expansion of virtual care in Nova Scotia will soon rise to ensure that most people will get virtually connected to doctors when needed. An email address and a valid health card are the requirements to get the care.

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