The government of Nova Scotia has documented growth of 2 percent in harmonized sales tax. It has also presented the budget highlight of Nova Scotia as follows:

  • 2010-2011 total expenses are at $9.0 billion with a deficit of $222 million.
  • There will be a rise of two percent up to 15 percent in harmonized sales tax, yielding to $215 million income this year. Additionally, the province will remove a portion of Harmonised sales tax on children’s apparel as per new point-of-sale discounts.
  • Households with annual earnings of less than $30,000 are eligible to receive rebates to balance the tax increase. The estimated amount is $240 for each household.
  •  The 18 thousand seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement are no longer required to settle the provincial income tax. Savings of approximately 12.5 million dollars is expected for this plan.
  • Since personal and corporate income taxes are the highest taxes in Canada, there will be no increase this year.
  • For the next four years, the New Democratic Party will remove a thousand jobs in public services due to attrition.

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